Sustainable gardening – ideas for an eco friendly space

Sustainable gardening – ideas for an eco friendly space

This is a buzz word that is extremely important in our world today especially for environmental quality. Practicing sustainability improves our life quality, protects our environment and animals in it as well as preserving the world’s resources for our future generations. Sustainable gardening is also economical as it requires less upkeep and involved using recycled materials. Here are some ways you can practice sustainability in your own home :



This is a method that adds aa layer of shredded plant material on the top of the soil. This helps to improve soil health as soil traps and stores carbon It is extremely useful as it creates low maintenance and healthy gardens. It helps to regulate the temperature of the soil, prevents dry out and erosion. It can be done once you have planted something in your garden. It also helps to prevent weeds from springing up in the garden.


Planting a dry garden

This is an eco friendly idea as it features plants that do not need a lot of water to survive. These include fragrant herbs or woody plants. Although this is not exactly the type of climate we have this means that it can be best done in a sheltered area of your outdoor space.


Collect rain water

Make the most of our temperate ocean climate by repurposing or buying a large container to collect all the rain water that pours from your downpipes. This water can be used for your plants or hedges. Installing aa rain barrel is also an excellent way to collect rain water.


Mow with electrical devices

By making use of electrical garden equipment such as electric lawn mowers in order to reduce your carbon footprint. Other equipment’s that you can use include electrical blowers, trimmers and mowers.


Grow your own

This is an interesting, economic and easy way to add sustainability into your home and lifestyle. It is best to plant by season and start simple with greens such as lettuce, peas and peppers. Herbs can also be planted on windowsills and in outdoor spaces.


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Tips for buying outdoor furniture

Tips for buying outdoor furniture

There is nothing better than seeing your guests and family members lounging out on your outdoor space enjoying a meal or BBQ in the summer seasons. Purchasing garden furniture at the right time as well as purchasing the correct one will last you a long time and make you enjoy lounging in your outdoor space.

Consider Your weather and maintenance

The weather we have is a temperate oceanic climate which is unpredictable weather with some sunny spells and a lot of rainfall. Garden furniture that has a long life span is essential for this climate as it would need to be durable and showerproof. Rattan and cast aluminium are easy to maintain as they just need to be wiped after each use.  

 Measure Your Outdoor Space

This can help to determine where you will place your furniture. Considerations like how many people you hosts, family size and how much space you have is necessary. Round tables are better suited to small space while corner or dining sets are for larger spaces.
Style and type

It is so essential when browsing for your outdoor furniture to pick one that suits your personal aesthetic and your home as this is something you will have in your home for a minimum of ten years and you want to be happy every time you go out to use it. This choice can make or break your space. Some of these styles include wooden furniture, brown rattan, grey rattan and cast aluminium. Corner sets, dining sets, fire pits and various seater sets can also be purchased for your space.


Overall when purchasing garden furniture it is important to try out the furniture and pay attention to comfort and consider a significant budget in order to get the best quality and most out of your purchase. At Rathwood, we offer various styles of garden furniture to cater to your needs and our sales team are more than happy to help. We can be reached at 059 91 56285 or

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Why NOW is the perfect time to buy your garden furniture !

Why NOW is the perfect time to buy your garden furniture !

 Wonderful weather is the best time to get out and see what changes, upgrades and improvements to your outdoor space. We have put together all the top secrets about the best time to buy your garden furniture.



As you may know, the summertime is when people make use of their spaces the most. Once we start getting the sunshine in late spring, many people will begin patio renovations and if you leave your purchasing till late you may end up not getting any furniture for your space.  Many of these retailers are usually sold out by mid summer or have limited stocks which means you will not be able to have variety for you to include in your space. Most people usually start their pre ordering for the summer in mid March as the weather starts to look promising then.




Most of our products are in our core ranges such as Oxford and Yale while we are adding more ranges such as our Revive range every year to suit the needs of our customers. These core ranges come in bistro sets, 4 seaters, 6 seaters, 8 seaters, corner and cube sets. We would always recommend when purchasing for your spaces it is always nice to have pieces from the same range. Due to the popularity of a product, it might sometimes sell out but we always do our best to let customers know when this out will be back in stock.


Waiting times and Delivery

Most of our garden furniture at Rathwood is available for pre-order which is usually approximately six to eight weeks from the order date. We try our best to secure as much stock as we can from the supplier for the summer season so that we can keep all our customers happy. Once your items have arrived in our warehouse, it can take 7 – 14 working days for delivery as we are working through high volumes of deliveries.


Our expert advice would be to start ordering your garden furniture and outdoor pieces from early March to avoid disappointment. If you are unsure or have any questions about purchasing furniture or delivery time, you can contact us on 059 91 56285 or email us on


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